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Bi-folding doors,

Or bi fold doors have rapidly grown in popularity over the past ten years and are now recognised as a must have feature in the design of new build homes, new extensions or renovations.

The reasons for this rise in popularity relate to space, versatility, light and of course bringing the outside, in. A folding door allows you to create a 90% clear opening which will transform your living space, making them a fantastic alternative to traditional French doors or patio doors which only offer a 40% clear opening.

Just imagine the benefits a bi-folding door could bring to your home.

A once ordinary can easily be transformed into an inviting, airy room or a featureless lounge becomes an open gateway to your garden and beyond, offering the perfect setting for entertaining guests. Sweep aside whole walls in seconds and make the outside of your home an expansion of the inside. This is the beauty of Express Bi Folding doors.

Express have recognised that no two installations are the same and that our customers have different needs and expectations, not to mention budgets.

To this end we have developed a product range of two aluminium bi-folding door systems, as well a full timber system and a hybrid of the two made up of timber on the inside and aluminium on the outside for those wanting the best of both elements. This product range has been developed with the aim of offering more choice and flexibility to you, the customer.

Once we know a little about your installation requirements, the experts at Express can advise and discuss with you the options available and make some recommendations as to which product would be most suitable.

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Express Yourself.

Premium quality products and fast efficient service is just part of what you can expect from Express.

Being leading architectural aluminium manufacturers and installers allows us to offer tailored solutions to suit an individual’s requirements, combining our sliding and folding door systems with glass facades, windows, shaped frames and a variety of roofing systems.

Whatever your idea, whatever your vision, you can truly express yourself with Express